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Make More Money with BossAction

We’re so confident in our bookie software that we’re willing to open the playbook and show you exactly why you should join BossAction. We’re one of just two companies in the pay per head industry that offers an agent payment solution, which allows for online and mobile payments, collections, and deposits. We also offer two different live betting platforms, two live dealer options, a digital casino, digital racebook, a layoff account, and more.

Check out videos that show why profitable bookies choose BossAction

Import Players With No Hassle

We get it. It took you some time  to develop a relationship with your current provider. Also, it’s a pain to transfer an entire bookmaking operation from one software company to another. That’s why we created a video to show you exactly how easy it is to move your players from your current pph sportsbook software provider to us.

Player to Bookie

Instead of making bets, have you thought of booking bets? BossAction makes it easy for you to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. Check out how you can change from being a player that makes wagers to a pay per head sportsbook agent.  

Easy Sign-Up Form

Often, it’s the small things that matter. BossAction provides an easy sign-up form that requires you to answer just four questions and check that you’re a human being. That’s all it takes for you to ensure your sportsbook takes flight with top class sportsbook software. 

Make Online and Mobile Payments, Collections, and Deposits

Every pay per head agent asks every player the same two questions. How will I pay you? And how will you pay me? Our Agent Payment Solution (APS®) allows for online payments, collection, and payements. It’s also mobile, which means your players can deposit from anywhere, and you can pay and collect from them on the go. 

Get Alerted and Cut Sportsbook Risk

Have you ever opened your agent account to discover that one of your players has made a massive bet that could put a dent in your sportsbook? The Instant Action Ticker alerts you when a player has made a potential harmful wager. Then, you can use the layoff account to cut wagering risk.

Offer More Including Casino, Live Dealer, Racebook, and Poker

As a BossAction agent, you can offer more than just a sportsbook. Our agents can decide between two live dealer platforms. There’s also a digital casino with over twenty games, a racebook that offers wagering on all available horse racing tracks, and a poker room.

Most Sports Offerings + TruLive Wagering

Never again get a call from a player wondering if you offer a sports league. The BossAction player platform provides the most possible betting options. And with TruLive Wagering, your players must never worry about missing out on a live bet. 

Multiple Blackjack Games and Always an Open Seat

You know that when your players head to the live dealer casino, they’re doing so to play blackjack. Give your players more of what they want. BossAction’s Premium Live Dealer offers  multiple blackjack games and more tables, which means you add more profit to your bottom line!